Our customers LOVE us… finally there is a way to eat perfectly balanced meals that taste great and make losing weight easy!

See what our featured customers have to say about the benefits of our weight loss diet delivery service

Francesca Christian, Bristol

“The Better Body Box has made eating healthily so much easier for me! I love knowing each day I am eating healthy, freshly prepared food that not only tastes great but is good for my body. Not having to worry about portion control, preparing and planning separate meals means my food is ready when I am so I can just tuck in and get on with my busy day. The food tastes amazing and it really is the closest thing to having your own personal chef!”

Iain Reitze, Bristol

“As a guy living on my own and wanting to eat healthier I have always said if I had someone to prepare my meals for me it would be so much simpler to eat healthily so having The Better Body Box has just made everything easy. I don’t have to shop for food and be tempted by other foods. I now just order it, it arrives and I eat it. Simple, stress free and healthy”

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