When can I start my Better Body Box?

If you would like to start sooner, please complete your sign up using the next available date and then call us straight away.  We might be able to start your programme sooner.

Call 0207 458 4439  or email hello@betterbodybox.co.uk

Do pre-paid boxes expire?

Yes they do, but we give you plenty of time to use them up.  Pre-paid boxes are valid for 1 year from the date of purchase.

Better Body Box Competitions & Vouchers

Better Body Box Competitions & Vouchers

  • One competition/voucher per person
  • Competition/vouchers cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer
  • Competition/vouchers to be redeemed through our Client Service team or via our website
  • Competition/vouchers cannot be exchanged for cash
  • Please check the specific competition or voucher for expiry date

How do I order my Better Body Box?

You choose the menu plan you want, select the type of box you want, and how often you want it (eg, weekly) and we do all the rest.
Visit our start now page and see how easy it is!

How long should I sign up for?

This is totally up to you. For best results we recommend at least 4 weeks, however if you are investing in a long lasting change (which will save you money and time), you may wish to commit for longer. Getting healthy doesn’t happen overnight!  If your order multiple boxes but have to reschedule for some reason, your pre-paid boxes are valid for 1 year from the date of purchase.

If you want to test the water so to speak, you can always try our 3 day box or London weekend box first as a one-off.


How much does it cost?

To see our full price breakdown, click here.

If you sign up to receive a Better Body Box “subscription” – so for 4 weeks or more, you will receive the discounted rate of £19.99/day for our Leaner Body Plan (about 1200 calories) and £24.99/day for our Better Body Plan (about 1800 calories).

Otherwise, prices are:

£23.99/day for our Leaner Body Plan


£29.99/day for our Better Body Plan (about 50% more food!)

Will you deliver to me?

Yes we will.

We deliver to throughout England, Scotland and Wales by 5:30pm. Our London deliveries are also made by 7am.

When do you deliver?

We have two delivery structures based on where you live:


Our weekday boxes are delivered on a Monday morning before 7:00am. Our weekend boxes are delivered on a Friday morning before 7:00am.
We deliver your box like old fashioned milk bottles and have no intention of disturbing you – the box will be sitting on your doorstep (or wherever you ask us to leave it).


Our 3 day boxes are delivered on a Tuesday morning between 8:00am and 17:30pm and our 4 day boxes are delivered on a Friday morning between 8:00am and 17:30pm. We use a courier who likes your autograph on delivery however if you aren’t going to be in just let us know and we can try to make other arrangements.

If you need your box by a certain time or live in an apartment, just say – we are a pretty determined bunch so will do our best to get the box to you safely and on time!

Please note that our boxes are designed to stay cool until you receive them – this is normally until 18:00pm on the day of delivery, so it is important that you refrigerate your food by this time so that it keeps nice and fresh!

Where will you leave my Better Body Box?

Wherever you ask us to within reason! Your front door, under the car, hanging from a tree, etc. We can also deliver to an interior apartment door and will organise with you to receive a key.

We use a courier for our nationwide customers who like to give you the box in person. If you know you are going to be out, just let us know and we can leave it somewhere safe for you. We advise you not to open your box until you can refrigerate the contents according to the instructions, however do advise that you refrigerate the contents of your box by 18:00pm on the day of delivery.

Can you deliver to an alternative address?

Yes, if you are keeping within your original delivery area. For example, if you live within our London postcode area your alternative address can be within the London area and vice a versa for outside London.  Simply provide us with the alternative address details at least one working day before we are due to make the delivery.

What’s in my Better Body Box?

Lots of yummy pots, full of goodness, designed to help you lose weight. We offer a vegetarian menu if you would prefer not to receive meat or fish dishes. We also offer a wheat free menu which you can add as a preference.

You will receive breakfast, lunch, dinner, a fruit snack with nuts or seeds and a home-made health bar for each day.
We also provide menus with refrigeration and re-heating instructions and icepacks to keep your food at the correct temperature during delivery.

London Clients:
Our weekday boxes contain food for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.
Our weekend boxes contain food for Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Nationwide Clients:
Our 3 day boxes contain food for Tuesday (starting with dinner), Wednesday and Thursday as well as Friday’s breakfast and lunch.
Our 4 day boxes contain food for Friday (starting with dinner), Saturday, Sunday and Monday as well as Tuesday’s breakfast and lunch.

Who decides what goes in my Better Body Box?

We do! We take all the stress away from deciding. Both our standard and vegetarian menus are full of variety, prepared by trained chefs and designed by nutritional experts.

What food can I expect to receive?

A variety of yummy home-made granola or bircher muesli’s at breakfast and a huge variety of different dishes for lunch and dinner (from all over the world!). You will also get 2 snacks for each day. You really won’t need to go near the shops!

We use a variety of all ingredients and don’t exclude any food groups, unless you have chosen our wheat free menu or vegetarian menu which will exclude all meat and fish.  We also exclude pork from our standard menus.
Click here to see a sample menu

Are the plans suitable for people with food allergies?

Probably not, but please call us on 0207 458 4439 to discuss – you never know – we might not use the ingredient that you are allergic too and there may be instances that we can cater for you.

We can offer you our vegetarian menu, and we are also planning to design more menus that cater for special diets, for example no dairy – so please get in touch and we can let you know when these plans become available.

I’m quite fussy, will I enjoy Better Body Box?

We aim to please and do our best to deliver delicious dishes of all varieties. We would love it if you gave all our dishes a try as who knows – we may have the power to turn you! Our 3 day or London weekend box could be the perfect box to try as an initial taster.

However, if you are set against broccoli or another ingredient that you receive we suggest that you supplement that ingredient or meal with something else yourself … perhaps another vegetable. Better Body Box has a set menu so unfortunately, we’re not able to make any changes.

If you are have a bigger budget and would like changes to your food preferences and for us to personalise your programme we may be able to recommend one of our affiliated partners who specialise in this service so please get in touch for more information.

Does the food contain additives and preservatives?

No. To put it simply! We don’t use any unnecessary additives or preservatives.

What can I do if I get hungry?

You shouldn’t! We have spent a long time ensuring what you receive is perfectly balanced. However, if you do, you can either increase your menu to the Better Body Menu so that you get more food, or if you prefer, you could eat an extra portion of raw fruit or vegetables (around 100-120g) with a small handful of raw nuts and seeds.

Does the food require heating and is it microwavable?

All our dinner meals are designed to be reheated and yes, this should be done in a microwave. Please follow the instructions found on your menu.

Some breakfasts and lunches are really yummy heated up (especially in the winter) and we will highlight which ones we suggest re-heating on your menu.

If you don’t have a microwave, dinners can be reheated slowly until piping hot in either an oven or a saucepan (depending on the dish). Instructions can be found on your menu.

How do I recycle my Better Body Box packaging?

If you have signed up to our subscription plan and live in London (or within the M25), we would be very happy to pick up the boxes, insulation, icepacks etc when we next deliver. Simply leave out in your designated delivery spot and we will take it away and replace it with a full box of food.

Unfortunately we are unable to pick up the boxes for our nationwide clients, however, all our boxes, pots and menus are recyclable. The insulation is also recyclable and our icepacks are re-usable.

Can you tell that we really do care about the world we live in!

What can I drink during the plan?

We advise you to drink plenty of water (around 1.5 to 2 litres each day) and herbal teas instead of juice, fizzy drinks and caffeinate drinks. To get the best results while receiving our food, we advise that you avoid alcohol and sugary drinks.

Do you offer a subscription service?

Yes – and you can save pennies with a subscription in the long-term!

You will receive the box as per your chosen schedule. When you sign up to our subscription service a repeat payment will be taken every 4 weeks (for the next 4 weeks worth of boxes) – normally on a Tuesday. You can cancel your repeat payment at any time after the minimum term (which is 4 weeks) as long as you tell us by the Wednesday before we are due to take the next payment. The minimum term for this is 4 weeks, however if you order multiple boxes and need to pop a box on hold that is fine.  Pre-paid boxes are valid for 1 year from the date of purchase.

What if I go on holiday?

As long as you give us the correct notice and let us know by midnight on Tuesday to cancel your 3 day box or London weekday box, or by midnight on Sunday to cancel your 4 day box or London weekend box, you can put your boxes on hold for when you’re back.  Pre-paid boxes are valid for 1 year from the date of purchase. Login to manage your deliveries.

How do I cancel my next box?


You can cancel your next weekday box by letting us know by midnight the previous Tuesday.  However, you can also put your box hold as pre-paid boxes are valid for 1 year from the date of purchase.

To cancel your next weekend box you will need to let us know by midnight the previous Sunday.


You can cancel your next 3 day box by letting us know by midnight the previous Tuesday.

To cancel your next 4 day box you will need to let us know by midnight the previous Sunday.

If you have signed up to receive your box as a subscription, the minimum term is 4 weeks. You can reschedule deliveries and put boxes on hold during this period as long as we have the correct notice. Boxes bought are valid for one year from date of purchase.

Subscription: The minimum term is four weeks and the first four weeks are non-refundable after you sign up.
After the minimum term, you can cancel your repeat payment at any time, as long as you tell us before we are due to take the next payment.  If you do not cancel, the repeat payment will continue and we will charge your card the Monday before your last box is due to finish for the next 4 weeks of food.

Login to manage your deliveries.